Legal Forwarding Services
   Allied Collection Resources, Inc's legal forwarding services can handle your civil litigation needs when third party recovery efforts fail to produce the desired result.
   We have a network of nationwide attorneys that offer fair and reasonable rates to our clients. ACR is not a law firm but can facilitate the handling of your claim as the liaison between client and attorney.
   Our legal forwarding services approach to your legal needs is a significant time saver since you, the plaintiff, will not have to worry if your civil action is progressing in a timely manner. ACR is in regular communication with your legal council to make sure all requirements have been met to keep your lawsuit on track.
   Since ACR is already familiar with the circumstances surrounding your claim, our legal forwarding department is the next natural step in preserving the continuity of the collection process. Our attorneys know that future referrals depend on RESULTS.
   Of course no agency or law firm guarantees results, but when ACR and our partnered law firm recommends legal action, its based on sound evidence that the plaintiff has the means to pay the balance, if not the willingness. Of course you must provide the necessary documentation to substantiate the debt as well.
   Call us RIGHT NOW toll free 866-490-6989 and Take your bottom line to NEW HEIGHTS!
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