Early Out Programs
   Let Allied Collection Resources, Inc. be your reliable time management tool when it comes to reducing your DSO and bad debt. By placing your receivables between 31 and 60 days you may be eligible for a 50% discount off of our contingent fees.
   Place between 61 and 90 days and get up to 33% off our standard rates. Greater discounts are also available for volume placements.
    The real cost of keeping those receivables that wonít return your phone calls, consistently break promises and come up with disputes at time payment is due can be significant in terms squandering valuable resources.
   Why not devote your valuable time and resources to the credit granting phase instead of chasing good money after bad. By delegating to ACR, you can afford to devote more time to researching your prospective or existing customers. Determining your customerís credit worthiness on the front end means lower DSOíS and lower bad debt on the back end.
   ACR understands that receivables under 90 days donít always need an aggressive collection effort. Ask one of ACRíS CREDIT AND COLLECTION CONSULTANTS about our lower intensity audit approach.
   We understand that receivables less than 90 days old placed with our service does not necessarily mean the bridge has to be burned! In fact, ACR prides itself in being able to show substantial results in terms of money collected and keeping client attrition down.
   Call us RIGHT NOW toll free 866-490-6989 and Take your bottom line to NEW HEIGHTS!
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