Debt Recovery For International Clients
   Allied Collection Resources, Inc's debt recovery solution for international clients operates on a contingency basis.
   Navigating through the maze to collect money in North America can be very expensive and slow. ACR is your one stop solution in the recovery of debt for creditors thousands of miles away.
   Your customer my not feel a sense of urgency due to the miles separating them from their creditor. So what if you, the creditor, had the ability to reach out and make contact to your customer in their own back yard?
   The comfort they previously felt would quickly evaporate. They will understand that your sense of urgency is now ours. There is no additional charge for our international clients.
   Background investigations prior to the extension of credit is another very valuable service for our foreign clients. Before you have collection problems get the inside track on your potential customer and reduce your losses!
   During the collection process, Allied Collection Resources, Inc is committed to keeping you, our client, informed in a user friendly format which includes monthly status reports and more detailed narrative reports on demand for larger balances.
   Verbal and email updates can be obtained at your request simply by picking up the phone or emailing your Credit and Collection Consultant.
   Call us RIGHT NOW toll free 866-490-6989 and Take your bottom line to NEW HEIGHTS!
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