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3rd Party Debt Recovery
   Allied Collection Resources, Inc's third party debt recovery solution operates nationally and internationally on a contingency basis.
   On accounts with a potential fee of $750.00 or greater, we often rely on our network of Bonded, Licensed and Credit Trained Private Investigators to assist us in the collection process. This includes gathering of financial and credit data on the debtor company as well as face to face visits.
   Call us RIGHT NOW toll free 866-490-6989 and Take your bottom line to NEW HEIGHTS!
   Sometimes phone calls and letters are not enough to compel a debtor company to open up the check book. In select cases, a credit trained Private Investigator visiting your debtor face to face, does distinguish your company's debt from the other creditors they may owe, thereby putting your receivable higher on the list of creditors to be paid.
   There is no extra charge for this service. Allied Collection Resources, Inc realizes that even though the agency cost for utilizing our credit trained Private Investigator Network is higher then the typical letter writing service, our results more then offset those expenses when used properly.
   On files that do not meet the requirement of a credit trained Private Investigator, you can rely on Allied Collection Resources, Inc to be the squeaky wheel. Our philosophy is frequency of contact along with a professional demeanor by the collector increases the odds that our client (you) will be at the top of the list to be paid.
   Other collection agencies rely on yelling and screaming to intimidate debtors to pay up. Allied Collection Resources, Inc believes being firm, persistent & professional is the best way to achieve optimum results and in many cases salvage the relationship with your customer.
   Each account placed with Allied Collection Resources, Inc is accompanied by a sliding scale of 1 to 9. 1 being the audit approach and 9 being the highest level of persistence while still maintaining professionalism. Only you (our client), can determine what number is to be attached to any given placement.
   It is important to note that Allied Collection Resources, Inc believes in distinguishing the type of debtor we will be engaging.
   The two main categories are:
  • an unwillingness to pay and
  • an inability to pay.
   Distinguishing which type of debtor can only be determined by doing our homework. If the subject of our investigation has recent collection problems, cash fow may be the reason. However, if the subject has a long history of collection and legal problems, a character flaw may be to blame.
   This cursory asset and liability information is critical in our dealings with debtors. Interpreting this information will dictate how we approach the debtor and if we will recommend payment plans, settlements or moving the account to Allied Collection Resources, Incís legal forwarding desk for possible civil action.
   During the collection process, Allied Collection Resources, Inc is committed to keeping our client (you) informed in a user friendly format which includes monthly status reports and more detailed narrative reports on demand for larger balances. Verbal and email updates can be obtained at your request simply by picking up the phone or emailing your Credit and Collection Consultant.
   Call us RIGHT NOW toll free 866-490-6989 and Take your bottom line to NEW HEIGHTS!

Allied Collection Resources, Inc