Debt Negotiation
   Allied Collection Resources , Inc. is now offering debt negotiations to our clients.
   Are you or your company having trouble meeting your credit obligations?
   ACR may be able to help! This is not debt consolidation or credit counseling. Our Credit Specialist will negotiate on your behalf with your creditor(s) in an effort to reduce your overall debt or work out payments you can live with.
   There is no charge unless we perform. Fees are based on 25% of what we SAVE YOU. All final settlements are pre-approved by you in advance.
   ACR will get a letter from the creditor confirming the arrangement and require the creditor to update the status of the credit bureaus once they've been paid. When an agreement has been made within the parameters outlined by you, you will fund ACR’S trust account.
   Out of the trust account, ACR will pay your creditor and deduct the 25% fee. If ACR is not able to reduce your debt but can successfully negotiate installment arrangements that have your approval, you will pay a flat fee of $99.99 for each successful negotiation.
   If Allied Collection Resources DOES NOT sucessfully negotiate an agreement with your creditors..there is NO CHARGE. No creditor will be paid until we have an agreement in writing.
   Since this a performance based service, why not let the PROFESSIONALS assist you in negotiating your outstanding debt! If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this service please do not hesitate to give one of our Credit Specialists a call or go to our Debt Negotiation Form.
   Call us RIGHT NOW toll free 866-490-6989 and Take your bottom line to NEW HEIGHTS!
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